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Aberrant activation and upregulation of the Wnt pathway is a key feature of many cancers. Wnt antagonists have recently attracted wide attention. Wnt inhibitory factor-1 (WIF-1) is a secreted antagonist that can bind to Wnt proteins directly and inhibit Wnt signaling pathway. It has been reported that WIF-1 expression is down regulated in several solid(More)
It is hypothesized that adolescent development involves a redistribution of cerebral functions from lower subcortical structures to higher regions of the prefrontal cortex to provide greater self-control over emotional behavior. We further hypothesized that this redistribution is likely to be moderated by sex-specific hormonal changes. To examine(More)
OBJECTIVES Although impulsivity has been associated with androgens (e.g., testosterone), little is known regarding the relationship between testosterone levels and impulsivity in intertemporal choice (delay discounting). This study was aimed to examine the relationship between delay discounting of gains and losses and testosterone levels, which is of(More)
AIM To clarify the expression and role of Ephrin receptor A4 (EphA4) in gastric cancer in relation to clinicopathological characteristics and the expression of fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 (FGFR1) and ephrin ligands. METHODS Eleven gastric carcinoma cell lines, 24 paired surgical fresh specimens of gastric adenocarcinoma and adjacent nontumor(More)
Gastric cancers with and those without high-frequency microsatellite instability (MSI-H) represent distinctive pathways of carcinogenesis. The aim of this study was to clarify if expression of p53 related genes involved in angiogenesis is differentially regulated between these cancers. We systematically analyzed the expression of vascular endothelial growth(More)
A 69-year-old man visiting our hospital with an epigastralgia and tarry stool was diagnosed as having Behçet's disease on the basis of repetitious aphthous stomatitis, erythema nodosum and arthralgia in 1991. The next year, he suffered from double active ulcers in the antrum of the stomach, and he had been operated on for intestinal perforation. In 1994,(More)
A 68-year-old female had been treated for chronic type C hepatitis at our department since June, 1992. In August of the same year, swelling of the right eyelid developed and she was diagnosed as having sarcoidosis on the basis of uveitis, skin lesions, and bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy (BHL) on chest X-ray. With steroid therapy, the symptom improved and(More)
A 64-year-old woman was diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis in 1999 at a nearby hospital. She had been treated with etodolac, actarit, mizoribine (MZ) and prednisolone. On May 25, 2001, she noticed fever and nausea and was treated with diclofenac sodium and clindamycin. On May 31, a nasal bleeding, tarry stool, hyperuricemia, renal dysfunction and(More)
Various protein solutions were studied in order to quantify the emulsifying activity of proteins, and to explore oil-water interfacial tension, oil particle size analysis, and oil phase separation behaviors in protein-stabilized oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions. Three proteins, bovine serum albumin (BSA), β-lactoglobulin (β-lg), and β-casein (β-ca), were(More)