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BACKGROUND The first aim of this study was to clarify the effective ratio of extractive from leaves of Morus Alba (ELM) to sucrose so as to apply this knowledge to the preparation of confections that could effectively suppress the elevation of postprandial blood glucose and insulin. The second aim was to identify the efficacy of confections prepared with(More)
The inhibitory effect on human and rat intestinal disaccharidase by the extractive from the leaves of Morus alba (ELM) containing 0.24 % 1-deoxynojirimycin equivalent and its inhibitory activities were investigated by the modified Dahlqvist method. In the presence of 1000-fold diluted ELM solution, the sucrase activity of four human samples was inhibited by(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between the positioning of upper extremity and gliding distance of the median nerve during passive and active motion of the wrist and fingers. The longitudinal gliding of the medial nerve in the forearm was measured in 34 healthy subjects by ultrasonographic dynamic images. Those images were analyzed(More)
This paper proposes an interactive rewriting tool for supporting people in creating machine acceptable sentences. The experiment and evaluation of this tool conducted when applied to a pre-editing support tool in a Japanese-to-English machine translation (henceforth, MT) system are also described. 1. Introduction Supporting people in creating machine(More)
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