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Structures and Mechanical Properties of Cellulose Filament Spun from Cellulose/Aqueous NaOH Solution System
An attempt was made to disclose super-molecular structure and mechanical properties of new cellulose filament prepared from cellulose-aqueous alkali solution system. X-Ray crystallinity index χc(X)Expand
Molecular analysis of Dirofilaria repens removed from a subcutaneous nodule in a Japanese woman after a tour to Europe
The detailed genetic features of this filaria are reported as a reference isolate from a specific endemic area, to enrich the genetic database of D. repens isolated from humans in Italy. Expand
Development of immersion vaccine for bacterial cold-water disease in ayu Plecoglossus altivelis
F. psychrophilum collagenase (fpcol) is promising as the immersion vaccine for ayu-BCWD, suggesting that fpcol is a promising antigen for the vaccine development. Expand
Local delivery of doxorubicin for malignant glioma by a biodegradable PLGA polymer sheet.
A membranous sheet containing doxorubicin was produced by co-polymerization to poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) and has a sustained-drug release property and may play a role in the local therapy of brain tumors. Expand
Inhibition of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase as a protective effect of nicaraven in ionizing radiation- and ara-C-induced cell death.
Since nicaraven directly inhibits the PARP enzyme, the drug might be useful in oncology as well as in studying tissue-damaging conditions characterized by increased PARP activity. Expand
Comparative studies on the activities of collagenases from Grimontia hollisae and Clostridium hystoliticum in the hydrolysis of synthetic substrates
P pH dependences of activity revealed that the ionizable group responsible for acidic pKe may be Glu for Ghcol and Chcol, while that for alkaline pKe might be His for Gh col and Tyr for Chcol. Expand
Cross-sectional Distribution of Crystalline and Fibril Orientations of Typical Regenerated Cellulose Fibers in Relation to their Fibrillation Resistance
The structural distributions and their formation mechanisms, on both the morphological and crystallographic scales of two types of regenerated cellulose fiber, cuprammonium rayon (Cupra) and solventExpand
In vitro Development of Porcine In Vitro Matured Oocytes Vitrified After Removal of Cytoplasmic Lipid Droplets
Abstract: The objective of the present study was to investigate the in vitro developmental competence of porcine in vitro matured (IVM) oocytes vitrified after removal of cytoplasmic lipid dropletsExpand