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The channel specifications of the Global Imager onboard the Advanced Earth Observing Satellite II have been determined by extensive numerical experiments. The results show that there is an optimum feasible position for each ocean color channel. The bandwidth of the 0.763-microm channel should be less than 10 nm for good sensitivity to the cloud top height(More)
Reduced port surgery (RPS), in which fewer ports are used than that in a conventional laparoscopic procedure, is becoming increasingly popular for various surgeries. However, the application of RPS to the field of gastrectomy is still underdeveloped. We started laparoscopy-assisted total gastrectomy through an umbilical port plus another 5 mm port (dual(More)
Goblet cell carcinoid (GCC) tumor of the appendix is rare, and the prognosis is considered poor compared to classical carcinoid tumor. We present a case of a 60-year old woman who underwent appendectomy for acute appendicitis. Histopathological studies revealed a GCC tumor with submucosal invasion. Based on the malignancy of this tumor and the possible risk(More)
The recommended dose of imatinib for recurrent gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) is 400mg/day. However, adverse effects limit the use of the standard dose in elderly patients. We report a case of an elderly patient with recurrent GIST, where long-term control of the disease was achieved with low-dose imatinib therapy. An 86-year-old man presenting with(More)
We report a case of multiple liver metastases of rectsigmoid colon cancer treated with systemic chemotherapy and hepatectomy. A 40s woman had undergone anterior resection of rectum for rectsigmoid colon cancer with multiple liver metastases. Then FOLFOX4 regimen was performed fifteen times, and FOLFIRI regimen was performed eleven times. After chemotherapy(More)
A 71-year-old male with unresectable pancreatic cancer treated with gemcitabine (GEM) by another doctor came to our hospital because of stenosis of duodenum and hydronephrosis. There was peritoneal dissemination in his abdominal cavity, and gastro-jejunostomy was performed. After surgery, GEM therapy was continued until he was judged as PD. The regimen was(More)
After gastrectomy, a longer period of intravenous alimentation is required than for other digestive surgeries, portending a higher risk of catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI). From assessment of CRBSI occurring between 2004 and 2007 (preintervention group), the duration of intravenous infusion between 2008 and 2010 (postintervention group) was(More)
We examined the treatment condition; adverse events, especially hand-foot syndrome (HFS); and prognosis in 65 patients with colon cancer who received adjuvant chemotherapy with capecitabine. The treatment completion rate was 75.4%; however, only 15.4% of patients completed treatment without dose reduction or treatment interruption. HFS occurred in 78.5% of(More)
UNLABELLED The expandable metallic stent (EMS) have been used to treat obstructive colorectal cancer. We used EMS in 13 out of 14 cases of obstructive colorectal carcinoma patients (insertion rate 93%). Of these 13 cases, 6 cases were male patients, and 7 cases were female patients. The average age was 69.1-years-old (44-87). The placement of insertion part(More)
The case was a 50s male with chief complaints of body weight loss and nausea. A clinical finding was Stage IV gastric cancer of poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. We diagnosed it unresectable and started 5-FU+CDDP as the first-line chemotherapy. Partial response (PR) was observed and progression free time was 7 months. After 9 courses of 5-FU+ CDDP, the(More)
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