Mariko Burgin

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sites, each covering 33 km × 71 km (about two SMOS pixels) were selected in agricultural and boreal forested areas in order to provide contrasting soil and vegetation conditions. This paper describes the measurement strategy, provides an overview of the data sets, and presents preliminary results. Over the agricultural area, the airborne L-band brightness(More)
This Australian study monitored the effects of monthly plasmapheresis on donor serum IgG and IgM levels in 127 new and 124 established plasma donors who donated 1014 units over a five-month period. Of the 251 donors, 3% had reduced total serum protein (TSP) levels, 7% had low IgG levels and 12% had low IgM levels prior to donation on at least one occasion(More)
We report the construction of a high-resolution physical map of a 17-Mb region that encompasses the entire q12, q13.1, and q13.2 bands of human chromosome 19. The continuous map extends from a region approximately 400 kb centromeric of the D19S7 marker to the excision repair cross-complementing rodent repair deficiency complementation group 1 (ERCC1) locus.(More)
The generation of contiguous physical maps is often complicated by a variety of factors including the type of cloning system used. Here we describe procedures for the isolation, rapid characterization, and physical mapping of large-insert recombinant bacterial clones from total human genomic BAC (bacterial artificial chromosome) and PAC (P1-derived(More)