Marika S Sloma

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Ricin and alpha-sarcin modify neighbouring sites in the so-called sarcin/ricin (S/R) loop of 28S rRNA, thereby destroying the necessary dynamic flexibility of the ribosome, and inhibiting the elongation factor assisted steps of the elongation cycle. The effects of the two translational inhibitors on the conformation of domains II and V of 28S rRNA were(More)
We have investigated possible interaction sites for mRNA, tRNA, translation factors and the nascent peptide on 5S, 5.8S and 28S rRNA in in vivo assembled translational active mouse ribosomes by comparing the chemical footprinting patterns derived from native polysomes, salt-washed polysomes (mainly lacking translational factors) and salt-washed runoff(More)
During protein synthesis the ribosome interacts with ligands such as mRNA, tRNA and translation factors. We have studied the effect of ribosome-ligand interaction on the accessibility of 18S rRNA for single strand-specific modification in ribosomal complexes that have been assembled in vivo, i. e. native polysomes. A comparison of the modification patterns(More)
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