Marika Maxwell

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The blood pressure response to operative treatment in 502 patients with renal artery stenosis and coexisting hypertension was as follows: 51% cured, 15% improved, and 34% failure. The operative mortality was 5.9%. Patients with unilateral fibromuscular disease had a favorable blood pressure response (79.8%) more frequently than the patients with unilateral(More)
The relationship between plasma potassium concentration and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system was evaluated in ten patients with chronic renal failure (creatinine clearance 10-56 ml/min). Under basal conditions and following various stimulation maneuvers, normokalemic patients demonstrated normal plasma renin and aldosterone levels. Five of six(More)
Control of aldosterone responsiveness in terminal renal failure. Plasma aldosterone concentration in 30 hemodialysis patients correlated closely with renin concentration, renin activity or renin and potassium concentrations combined (r is greater than or equal to 0.62; P is less than 0.01), and increased consistently in response to upright posture or(More)
We investigated the relation between changes in the renin-aldosterone axis and reduction in blood pressure in 25 obese patients placed on a 12-week reducing diet; sodium intake was either medium (120 mmol) or low (40 mmol). Plasma renin activity (PRA) declined with weight loss, so that by 12 weeks there was a significant decrease in PRA (P less than 0.01)(More)