Marika Cicchese

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How rudimentary movements evolve into sophisticated ones during development remains unclear. It is often assumed that the primitive patterns of neural control are suppressed during development, replaced by entirely new patterns. Here we identified the basic patterns of lumbosacral motoneuron activity from multimuscle recordings in stepping neonates,(More)
BACKGROUND Iatrogenic anaemia caused by repeated blood sampling to monitor laboratory parameters can contribute, particularly in neonates, to the need for transfusion. "Point of care" laboratory equipment uses smaller amounts of blood for analytic determinations and could, therefore, help to prevent secondary anaemia. In this study we compared the results(More)
Intracardiac thrombosis is a rare event in newborn (5.1 per 100000 live births). It is associated with an high morbidity and mortality. Most of intracardiac thrombi are related to intravascular catheterism. The use of thrombolytic therapy in neonates has rapidly improved in the last few years, particularly with the introduction of more clot-selective(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal complete blood count (CBC) and high plasma C-reactive protein (CRP) are associated with neonatal infections and could be helpful in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis and to monitor the antibiotic treatment. OBJECTIVES The aim of this work is to evaluate and compare the performance of a bedside analyzer for blood count and C-reactive(More)
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