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A 59-year-old woman developed manifestations of Graves' disease several months after treatment with radioiodine (Na(131)) for toxic multinodular goitre. During subsequent treatment with additional radioiodine therapy Graves' ophthalmopathy developed which was severe and required treatment with prednisone and orbital radiotherapy. The literature on(More)
In this report a woman with giant-cell arteritis presenting as an orbital pseudotumor is described. Other causes of orbital pseudotumor were excluded in this patient. The pathogenesis of orbital pseudotumor caused by giant-cell arteritis is discussed. The concurrent arteritis of the superficial temporal artery and the rapid resolution of signs and symptoms(More)
The encircling band used in conventional retinal detachment surgery creates a circular indentation of the eye and thus may increase the anterior-posterior axial length. The myopia induced by encircling elements in retinal detachment surgery varies between 0 and 3 D. In a series of 25 patients, the average change in refraction after surgery was -2.25 D. To(More)
2-D Doppler echocardiography was used to assess the occurrence of haemodynamic abnormalities in 45 asymptomatic patients, aged 4 to 16 years (median 7.4) after a Mustard operation for transposition of the great arteries. The findings were compared with those derived from cardiac catheterization. Thirty-five cardiac lesions were correctly diagnosed by 2-D(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the reporting of suspected child abuse among Swedish general practitioners (GPs), and to investigate factors influencing them in their decision whether or not to report to child protective services (CPS). DESIGN A cross-sectional questionnaire study. SETTING Primary health care centres in western Sweden. (More)
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