Marijke Frolich

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OBJECTIVE Adiponectin, a hormone secreted by adipose tissue, is of particular interest in metabolic syndrome, because it is inversely correlated with obesity and insulin sensitivity. However, it is not known to what extent the genetics of plasma adiponectin and the genetics of obesity and insulin sensitivity are interrelated. We aimed to evaluate the(More)
Pregnancy-associated malaria is one of the leading causes of low birth weight in malaria endemic areas. In this study, 145 parturient women residing in areas endemic for Plasmodium falciparum in Lambaréné, Gabon, were recruited into the study after delivery, and the association of maternal P. falciparum infection, inflammatory response, and birth weight was(More)
Treatment with the atypical antipsychotic drug olanzapine is frequently associated with development of obesity and insulin resistance. Treatment-induced weight gain has been suggested to be the main contributing factor of diminished insulin sensitivity. This study evaluated the effects of short-term treatment with olanzapine on 12h plasma prolactin and(More)
Hormone secretion by somatotropinomas, corticotropinomas and prolactinomas exhibits increased pulse frequency, basal and pulsatile secretion, accompanied by greater disorderliness. Increased concentrations of growth hormone (GH) or prolactin (PRL) are observed in about 30% of thyrotropinomas leading to acromegaly or disturbed sexual functions beyond(More)
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