Marije Oosterhoff

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BACKGROUND Unhealthy lifestyles in early childhood are a major global health challenge. These lifestyles often persist from generation to generation and contribute to a vicious cycle of health-related and social problems. This design article presents a study evaluating the effects of two novel healthy school interventions. The main outcome measure will be(More)
Erratum Following publication of this article [1], it has come to our attention that some of the terminology used in the article could be difficult to interpret. In table 1, the description of the measurements should begin with t0. This would mean that t1 becomes t0, t2 becomes t1, and so forth. Furthermore, where schoolchildren are referred to in groups(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnostic biomarkers have multiple applications along the care process and have a large potential in optimizing treatment decisions. However, many diagnostic biomarkers struggle to gain market access and obtain appropriate coverage because of a lack of evidence on their health economic impact. OBJECTIVES The aim was to review the(More)
Primary prevention of childhood obesity and related hypertension is warrant given that both risk factors are intertwined and track into adulthood. This systematic review and meta-analysis assess the impact of school-based lifestyle interventions on children's body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure. We searched databases and prior reviews. Eligibility(More)
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