Marijana Podrug

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Seasonal variations of biometric parameters as well as metal and protein concentrations were analyzed in the liver cytosol of indigenous European chub (Squalius cephalus L.). Fish sampling was carried out in the reproductive (spring) and non-reproductive period (autumn) in order to define parameters which are seasonally dependent. The specimens caught in(More)
In autumn 2005, the site-specific variability of cytosolic metal and protein concentrations in gills of European chub from the Sava River could be mostly associated with gill mass variability. In spring 2006, the correlations of metals and proteins with gill mass were mainly nonsignificant, and their site-specific variability could be presumably associated(More)
The possible causes of the variability of gill metallothionein (MT) levels were studied on 182 specimens of 2- and 3-year old European chub (Squaliuscephalus L.) from the Sava River in Croatia. The most pronounced differences in MT levels were obtained between three sampling campaigns, and especially between periods with presumably different metabolic(More)
Indigenous specimens of European chub were caught at five sites in Sava River during two successive non-reproductive periods and used as bioindicator organisms for the assessment of metal accumulation. Liver was selected as a target organ and the metal concentrations (Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn, and Cd) were determined in two fractions of hepatic cytosol, namely in(More)
The influence of the season and the biotic factors (age and gill mass) on metal and protein levels in the gill cytosol of the young chubs (2 and 3 years old) was studied in Sava River in autumn 2005 and spring 2006. The obtained results are the first reported cytosolic concentrations of five metals and proteins for the chub gills. The average levels in(More)
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