Marijana Kojić

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Mass transport by diffusion within composite materials may depend not only on internal microstructural geometry, but also on the chemical interactions between the transported substance and the material of the microstructure. Retrospectively, there is a gap in methods and theory to connect material microstructure properties with macroscale continuum(More)
Psycho-oncology is a specific area in the field of medicine and psychology. Therefore, it is an interdisciplinary area, which started being studied in the second half of the twentieth century and it reached its full importance and expansion especially during the last couple of years [1]. There are three reasons that have probably led to its ever-growing(More)
INTRODUCTION Information on being diagnosed to have cancer is always shocking for the patient, and it always causes a lot of psychosocial problems during its treatment. In these moments, patients need understanding, support and someone who can help them to apprehend all available options and choices clearly. The purpose of this study is to show the(More)
This paper examines the possibilities for improving the integration characteristics of active charcoal by using finite elements method simulation. Two different modes were considered separately: the period of active adsorption, when the activity of radon in charcoal increases, and the saturation period, when the activity is constant. The time when(More)
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