Marijan Ribaric

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We put forward a finite theory of quantum scattering of fundamental particles without using auxiliary particles. It suggests that to avoid ultraviolet divergencies and model faster-than-light effects it suffices to appropriately change only the free-field Lagrangians while retaining their locality in space-time and Lorentz invariance. Using functions of two(More)
Generalizing the ’t Hooft and Veltman method of unitary regulators, we demonstrate for the first time the existence of local, Lorentz-invariant, physically motivated Lagrangians of quantum-electrodynamic phenomena such that: (i) Feynman diagrams are finite and equal the diagrams of QED but with regularized propagators. (ii) N-point Green functions are C-,(More)
We consider properties of connected diagrams with fermion-photon interaction and such fermion and photon propagators and vertex function that the values of these diagrams are finite. We establish the properties of these propagators and vertex function that imply that these diagrams are invariant under C, P, T, CP, CT, PT, or CPT transformations up to some(More)
We point out that results obtained by M. Ribarič and L. Šušteršič, hep-th/0403084, and byM. Blasone, P. Jizba and H. Kleinert, quant-ph/0409021, suggest that the path-integral formalism is the key to a derivation of quantum physics from classical, deterministic physics in the four-dimensional space-time. These results and the ’t Hooft conjecture,(More)
We propose a new, transport-theoretic (tt) class of relativistic extensions of quantum field theories of fundamental interactions. Its concepts are inspired by Feynman’s atomistic idea about the physical world and by the extension of fluid dynamics to shorter distances through the Boltzmann transport equation. The extending tt Lagrangians imply the original(More)