Marijan Cergolj

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In the present study, we have examined the effect of density gradient preparations BoviPure and Percoll on bull sperm separation and the in vitro fertilization (IVF) and culture (IVC) results. Frozen/thawed semen from five simmental bulls were pooled. Sperm quality parameters such as sperm motility, concentration, membrane activity (HOS assay), membrane(More)
Semen samples from 9 sexually mature dogs of different breeds, aged from 1 to 5 years were used. Quality of sperm was evaluated using the following parameters: progressive motility (subjective), then structural and functional integrity of spermal membrane (supravital colouring (eosine/nigrosine) and HOS test). The majority of HOS reactive or swollen(More)
The aim of our research was to examine the ability of density gradient preparation BoviPure and swim up method on bull sperm separation and in vitro embryo production (IVP) systems. Frozen/thawed semen from six Simmental bulls was pooled and treated using both methods. The sperm motility, concentration, membrane activity, membrane integrity and acrosomal(More)
MAĆEŠIĆ, N., T. KARADJOLE, G. BAČIĆ, M. BENIĆ, M. KARADJOLE, S. VINCE, M. LIPAR, M. CERGOLJ: Aetiology and prevalence of bovine intramammary infection at drying off. Vet. arhiv 82, 125-131, 2012. ABSTRACT The aim of this research was to determine the etiology and prevalence of udder infection in dairy cows before drying off on dairy farms in Croatia.(More)
BENIĆ, M., B. HABRUN, G. KOMPES, Ž. MIHALJEVIĆ, Ž. CVETNIĆ, M. CERGOLJ, N. MAĆEŠIĆ: Cell content in milk from cows with S. aureus intramammary infection. Vet. arhiv 82, 411-422, 2012. ABSTRACT Somatic cell count, viability of cells and percentages of the cell subsets (CD45, granulocytes, monocytes/ macrophages, CD4, CD8 and B lymphocytes) were determined in(More)
  • VETERINARSKI ARHIV, Iva Getz, +7 authors Nino Mačešić
  • 2011
The aim of the study was to compare the effect of different synchronization protocols on oocyte retrieval and blastocyst production in vitro. Twelve Simmental heifers were randomly allocated to one of three synchronization groups. In the 1st group heifers were synchronized with two PGF2α injections in 11-days interval. In the 2nd group heifers were(More)
Fifteen female rabbits of the Chinchilla bastard breed of reproductive age (7 months) were used in the study. The animals were naturally mated with 5 male rabbits at 3-day intervals. On day 10 of mating, pregnancy was established by abdominal palpation and ultrasonography in all 15 female rabbits. The rabbits were then divided into two experimental groups(More)
Semen samples from ten boars, Yorkshire and Pietrain breed, aged between two and six years were used. The sperm quality was evaluated using the following parameters: the motility (subjective), the structural supravital staining (eosine/nigrosine) and the functional integrity of sperm membrane (HOS test). The majority of HOS reactive or swelled up(More)
The superovulatory response was followed up in 14 beef heifers by rectal palpation and by ultrasonographic examinations of the 28 ovaries, on day 7 after superovulation induced with PMSG (ovulation = day 0). Using a B-mode ultrasound instrument (Aloka Echo Camera SSD-210-DX II) equipped with a 5 MHz linear transrectal transducer, ultrasonography was found(More)
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