Marija Zahar Djordjevic

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Knowledge of the spin polarization is of fundamental importance for the use of a material in spintronics applications. Here, we used femtosecond optical excitation of half-metals to distinguish between half-metallic and metallic properties. Because the direct energy transfer by Elliot-Yafet scattering is blocked in a half-metal, the demagnetization time is(More)
The research was designed to investigate in vitro thyroid function tests (TT4, TT3, FT4, FT3, rT3 and TBG) in 14 patients on regular haemodialysis (RHD) and 15 healthy, euthyroid subjects aged 40-59 years and in 17 patients on RHD and 14 subjects aged 60 years and more. Group of older subjects had significantly lower (p less than or equal to 0.01) levels of(More)
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