Marija Skoro

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An apocrine hidradenoma is a benign adnexal neoplasm, usually covered by intact skin, but may show superficial ulceration and serous discharge. This feature is raising the possibility of malignancy as it was in our case of macroscopically suspicious tumour. We described cytomorphologic features of cutaneous nodule that might be a lead to the cytologic(More)
Chondroid syringoma (CS) is a rare, benign, appendageal tumor with diagnostic feature of myxochondroid stroma supporting eccrine and apocrine epithelial structures. The usual presentation is a painless, slowly growing mass, typically located in the head and neck region. It usually affects middle-aged and older male patients. Because of its unremarkable(More)
The aim of this study was to imply the possibilities of the urgent cytological examination of synovial fluids in differential diagnosis of arthropathies and to motivate the clinicians to use this method. It gave valuable information particularly with respect to differentiate the inflammatory and non-inflammatory joint diseases. This study included 115(More)
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