Marija Petek Šter

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AIM To determine the prevalence of psychotropic medication prescribing in elderly nursing home residents in Slovenia and to explore the residents', physicians', and nursing home characteristics associated with prescribing. METHODS In a cross-sectional study, we collected the data for 2040 nursing home residents aged 65 years and older in 12 nursing homes(More)
Early clinical exposure helps medical students to develop appropriate attitudes towards their learning and future medical practice and give them an opportunity for improving communication skills. New curriculum at the Medical faculty of Ljubljana introduced early clinical exposure (ECE) for the first year medical students through the subject Communication.(More)
OBJECTIVE The European Academy of Teachers in General Practice / Family Medicine (EURACT) has developed an educational agenda, the key document for teaching family medicine in Europe. The aim of our study was to find out how final year medical students at the beginning of their family medicine clerkship understand the discipline of family medicine. (More)
INTRODUCTION Self-reported scales, such as the Jefferson Scale of Empathy - Student version (JSE-S), had been recognised to measure the empathic disposition rather than behavioural expression. This study aimed to re-validate the JSE-S and its factor structure prior further research on empathy in medical students. METHODS A convenience sampling method was(More)
Family medicine teachers require specific educational skills. A framework for their professional development is essential for future development of the discipline in Europe. EURACT developed a framework on educational expertise, and subsequently applied it in a curriculum of teaching-skills courses of various levels. The aim of this article is to describe(More)
Background. Self-care for common colds is frequent, yet little is known about the spectrum, regional differences, and potential risks of self-care practices in patients from various European regions. Methods/Design. We describe the study protocol for a cross-sectional survey in 27 primary care centers from 14 European countries. At all sites, 120(More)
OBJECTIVE Consultation time has a serious impact on physicians' work and patient satisfaction. No systematic study of consultation time in general practice in Slovenia has yet been carried out. The aim of the present study was to measure consultation time, to identify the factors influencing it, and to study the influence of the workload of general(More)
BACKGROUND Due to the importance of family medicine and a relative shortage of doctors in this discipline, it is important to know how the decision to choose a career in this field is made. OBJECTIVE Since this decision is closely linked to students' attitudes towards family medicine, we were interested in identifying those attitudes that predict intended(More)
OBJECTIVE European cancer survival rates vary widely. System factors, including whether or not primary care physicians (PCPs) are gatekeepers, may account for some of these differences. This study explores where patients who may have cancer are likely to present for medical care in different European countries, and how probability of presentation to a(More)
BACKGROUND Women physicians face many challenges while balancing their many roles: doctor, specialist trainee, mother and partner. The most opportune biological time for a woman to start a family coincides with a great deal of demands and requirements at work. In this study we explored the options and capabilities of women GP specialist trainees in(More)
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