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Cdc48 and a ubiquitin ligase drive disassembly of the CMG helicase at the end of DNA replication
Introduction Chromosome replication is initiated by a universal mechanism in eukaryotic cells. This mechanism entails the assembly and activation at replication origins of the DNA helicase known asExpand
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Regulation of DNA Repair pathway choice in S/G2 by the NHEJ inhibitor CYREN
Classical non-homologous end joining (cNHEJ) and homologous recombination compete for the repair of double-stranded DNA breaks during the cell cycle. Homologous recombination is inhibited during theExpand
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Ufd1-Npl4 Recruit Cdc48 for Disassembly of Ubiquitylated CMG Helicase at the End of Chromosome Replication
Summary Disassembly of the Cdc45-MCM-GINS (CMG) DNA helicase is the key regulated step during DNA replication termination in eukaryotes, involving ubiquitylation of the Mcm7 helicase subunit, leadingExpand
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The Replisome-Coupled E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Rtt101Mms22 Counteracts Mrc1 Function to Tolerate Genotoxic Stress
Faithful DNA replication and repair requires the activity of cullin 4-based E3 ubiquitin ligases (CRL4), but the underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. The budding yeast Cul4 homologue,Expand
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Denken, doen, durven
SamenvattingCognitieve gedragstherapie is de effectiefste behandeling voor angststoornissen bij kinderen. Toch is na behandeling ongeveer een derde van de kinderen niet vrij van hun angststoornis.Expand
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Glagolitic priest Tjehodrag and his epitaph
Natpis pisan crkvenoslavenskim jezikom hrvatske redakcije i hrvatskom cirilicom na kojem se spominje pop Tjehodrag i njegovih pet umorenih sinova pronađen je 2003. g. tijekom sustavnih arheoloskihExpand