Marija D Glibetic

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Differentiation of proliferating rat L6 myoblasts to syncytial multinucleated myotubes results in a significant downshift in the rate of U3 snRNA gene transcription, paralleling the decrease in rRNA synthesis previously documented. Coordinate production of U3 snRNA and rRNA during the differentiation process adds further support for a role of U3 snRNA in(More)
INTRODUCTION There is evidence that physical activity decreases the degree of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries in persons who are physically active by modifying the chemistry and metabolism of lipoproteins. The effect of physical activity on the lipid status is achieved by affecting the enzymes of lipoprotein metabolism including the lipoprotein and(More)
The effect of intensive long-term physical activity on phospholipid fatty acid (FA) composition has not been studied thoroughly. We determined plasma and erythrocyte phospholipid FA status of professional basketball and football players. Our results showed differences in plasma FA profile not only between sportsmen and sedentary subjects, but also between(More)
Differentiation of BC3H1 myoblasts to myocytes is accompanied by a 67% drop in the rate of rpL32 gene transcription. Addition of high concentrations of serum to resting myocyte populations stimulates cell growth and subsequent dedifferentiation to proliferating myoblasts with a return to the normal rate of rpL32 gene transcription. During these growth rate(More)
In the present study, we examined the effects of fish oil supplementation in 3 months old male Wistar rats on changes in plasma and liver lipid metabolism and oxidative stress parameters. Twenty Wistar rats were randomly divided into two groups of ten animals: control group and intervention group, treated for 6 weeks with fish oil capsules containing 45 mg(More)
rRNA synthesis decreases significantly during the differentiation of rat L6 myoblasts to myotubes. Nuclear run-on assays demonstrated that the decrease was attributable to decreased rates of rRNA gene transcription. Immunoblot analysis indicated a marked reduction in amounts of the RNA polymerase I transcription factors UBF1 and UBF2 (upstream binding(More)
The fatty acid composition of serum phospholipids were analyzed in 20 patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis (11 with malnutrition and 9 with acceptable nutritional status); 25 healthy age and sex-matched adults were used as controls. Cirrhotic patients showed higher levels of palmitic acid and total saturated fatty acids than healthy subjects. Total n-6(More)
The objective of this systematic review was to identify studies investigating iodine intake and biomarkers of iodine status, to assess the data of the selected studies, and to estimate dose-response relationships using meta-analysis. All randomized controlled trials, prospective cohort studies, nested case-control studies, and cross-sectional studies that(More)
Background:The EURRECA (EURopean micronutrient RECommendations Aligned) Network of Excellence collated current micronutrient recommendations. A user-friendly tool, Nutri-RecQuest, was developed to allow access to the collated data and to create a database source for use in other nutritional software tools.Methods:Recommendations, that is, intakes of(More)
Relative changes in acute-phase protein and albumin mRNAs from the liver of rats exposed to sublethal and lethal scaldings were examined by hybridization and cell-free translation. Infliction of a sublethal scalding comprising 20 per cent of the total skin area resulted in a seven-fold increase of alpha 1-acid glycoprotein (AGP), alpha 1-cysteine protease(More)