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Continuous-flow (CF) and flow-injection (FI) analysis using the fluoride ion-selective electrode (FISE) as detector have been investigated. The measurements were performed in a home-made cell under appropriate flow conditions (2.86 or 3.45mlmin(-1), 0.2ml samples, 10(-6)M sodium fluoride). The calibration graph was obtained by plotting the signal height(More)
Fluoride-selective electrode with LaF(3)-membrane and stainless steel internal contact has been prepared. The electrode has been tested in F(-) concentration range 10(-2)-10(-6) M and the results compared with those of commercial electrode and electrode with laboratory renewed internal electrolytic contact. The properties of simple disjoining solid-state(More)
S,S'-bis(2-aminophenyl)ethanebis(thioate), (APhET), is reported as N2S2 ligand which form chelate with copper of high stability as compared to the other metals. Two modification of APhET, simpler 1,2-di-(o-aminophenylthio)ethane (DAPhTE), and the complex one 1,2-di-(o-salicylaldiminophenylthio)ethane (SAPhTE), were examined as the active material for(More)
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