Mariia N Kozlova

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This review focuses on the exfoliation of transition metal dichalcogenides MQ2 (TMD, M=Mo, W, etc., Q=S, Se, Te) in liquid media, leading to the formation of 2D nanosheets dispersed in colloids. Nowadays, colloidal dispersions of MoS2, MoSe2, WS2 and other related materials are considered for a wide range of applications, including electronic and(More)
Although many of the layered metal chalcogenides, such as MoS2, are well-studied, some other chalcogenides have received less attention by comparison. In particular, there has been an emerging interest in vanadium tetrasulfide (VS4), which displays useful properties as a component of hybrids. However, the synthetic methods and characteristics of individual(More)
The quantitative immune formulae developed with a high degree of confidence for the prediction and diagnosis of septic complications in burn patients are based on definite quantitative values obtained on deficiencies of total lymphocytes, natural killer cells, HLA–DR+ monocytes, IgG, and the hyperactivation of leukocyte intoxication index (LII), CD64+(More)
Classical Li-ion battery technology is based on the insertion of lithium ions into cathode materials involving metal (cationic) redox reactions. However, this vision is now being reconsidered, as many new-generation electrode materials with enhanced reversible capacities operate through combined cationic and anionic (non-metal) reversible redox processes or(More)
Possible application of tungsten dichalcogenides as gas-sensing elements is discussed in this paper. The experimental results on sensitivity of pristine and niobium doped WS2 and WSe2 to acetone and ethanol gases are presented. Polycrystalline powder specimens were obtained by high temperature solid-state synthesis from the stoichiometric mixture of pure(More)
General information on the oxygen metabolism of phagocytic cells, the role of active oxygen compounds in vital activities, the functioning of various cells, and the development of pathological processes is presented. A new method for the analysis of the oxygen metabolism of phagocytic cells using chemiluminescence (on a multiple Synergy 2 SLAD detector(More)
For the first time the comparison of the theoretical and experimental data have shown that UV-vis absorption in the region of 600nm in colloidal solution of NbS3 can be described by the d-d electronic transitions to the antibonding molecular orbital. It is proved that the process leads to excitation of metal-metal bond.
The gross heavy metal contents were studied in the main soil types of the floodplain of the estua-rine segment of the Don River. The ratio of elements strongly bound to soil components to those that are weakly bound was determined for the first time. It was established that geochemical features of the fixation and distribution of elements in compound forms(More)
AIM to improve the results of pancreatic resections through decrease of postoperative pancreatitis incidence. MATERIAL AND METHODS It was analyzed 207 patients who underwent pancreatic surgery for pancreatic tumor (n=137) or chronic pancreatitis (n=70). 22 risk factors of postoperative pancreatitis were analyzed in 112 patients retrospectively. In(More)
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