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The existence of a positive solution is obtained for the n th order right focal boundary value problem y (n) = f (x, y), 0 < x ≤ 1, y (i) (0) = y (n−2) (p) = y (n−1) 1 2 < p < 1 is fixed and where f (x, y) is singular at x = 0, y = 0, and possibly at y = ∞. The method applies a fixed-point theorem for mappings that are decreasing with respect to a cone.
Human neonates are occasionally treated with diuretics, and we investigated whether this causes a long-term enhancement of salt preference. Salt preference was examined in children aged 4-11 years. Twenty one of the children had received furosemide therapy as preterm neonates, and 24 were preterm neonates from the same ward that had no furosemide therapy.(More)
To establish whether neonatal sodium depletion increases the adult's avidity for NaCl, 12-day-old suckling pups were injected with the natriuretic-diuretic furosemide (1 mg) while with their dams. The injections surged plasma aldosterone, and when the rats were adult (70 days), their spontaneous intake of 3% NaCl was increased. Additional experiments(More)
We study the existence and uniqueness of periodic solutions and the stability of the zero solution of the nonlinear neutral differential equation d dt x(t) = −a(t)x(t) + d dt Q(t, x(t − g(t))) + G(t, x(t), x(t − g(t))). In the process we use integrating factors and convert the given neutral differential equation into an equivalent integral equation. Then we(More)
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