Marietta Tuena de Gómez-Puyou

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Brain hexokinase is associated with the outer membrane of mitochondria, and its activity has been implicated in the regulation of ATP synthesis and apoptosis. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are(More)
Human triosephosphate isomerase deficiency is a rare autosomal disease that causes premature death of homozygous individuals. The most frequent mutation that leads to this illness is in position 104,(More)
ATP hydrolysis from H+-ATPase of plasma membrane was measured in vesicles from maize embryos imbibed at times between 0 and 5 h. The activity had a maximum at 2 h of imbibition. In order to detect(More)
The possibility of using non-conserved amino acid residues to produce selective inhibition of homologous enzymes from different species has been further explored with triosephosphate isomerase.(More)