Marietta L. Baba

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MARIETTA L. BABA*, JULIA GLUESING, HILARY RATNER AND KIMBERLY H. WAGNER College of Social Science, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A. Institute for Information Technology and Culture, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. The Graduate School, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. Human Resources and(More)
Rates of evolution for cytochromec over the past one billion years were calculated from a maximum parsimony dendrogram which approximates the phylogeny of 87 lineages. Two periods of evolutionary acceleration and deceleration apparently occurred for the cytochromec molecule. The tempo of evolutionary change indicated by this analysis was compared to the(More)
Interaction between gene duplication and natural selection in molecular evolution was investigated utilizing a phylogenetic tree constructed by the parsimony procedure from amino acid sequences of 50 calmodulin-family protein members. The 50 sequences, belonging to seven protein lineages related by gene duplication (calmodulin itself, troponin-C, alkali and(More)
1 Marietta Baba, Chair, Wayne State University, Anthropology Department, Detroit, MI. 2 Diane Pawlowski , Wayne State University Anthropology Department, Abstract − Anthropological support for Greenfield Coalition engineering education culture change utilizes a model of U.S. engineering education culture to explain how culture change(More)
Evolutionary relationships between New World monkeys and marmoset genera and the place of the Ceboidea within the primates are considered in terms of the immunological specificity of ceboid proteins. Antigenic distances between the New World primates are measured using antisera produced in rabbits to nine ceboid genera: Alouatta, Aotes, Ateles, Callicebus,(More)
“Passive” convergence of knowledge and technologies has had an important effect on manufacturing development. Manufacturing enterprises have evolved for the most part as centralized and concentrated urban complexes, primarily driven by the need to minimize manufacturing costs. Examples include the automobile industry of southeastern Michigan and the(More)
Anthropologists and ethnographers have been important contributors to the field of computer-supported cooperative work, with many insights and attendant innovations derived from this partnership. More recently, the discipline of anthropology has taken a critical turn, one of the consequences being doubts regarding anthropology's relationship with science(More)
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