Marietta Herrmann

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RATIONALE Fetuin-A is a liver-derived plasma protein involved in the regulation of calcified matrix metabolism. Biochemical studies showed that fetuin-A is essential for the formation of protein-mineral complexes, called calciprotein particles (CPPs). CPPs must be cleared from circulation to prevent local deposition and pathological calcification. (More)
OBJECTIVE Selective inhibitors of 11beta-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase type I may be of therapeutical interest for two reasons: i) 9alpha-Fluorinated 11-dehydrosteroids like 11-dehydro-dexamethasone (DH-D) are rapidly activated by human kidney 11beta-hydroxysteroid-dehydrogenase type II (11beta-HSD-II) to dexamethasone (D). If the same reaction by hepatic(More)
Fetuin-A is a liver-derived plasma protein involved in calcified matrix metabolism. Fetuin-A mediates the formation and stabilization of calciprotein particles (CPPs), soluble colloids made of fetuin-A, further serum proteins, and calcium phosphate mineral. CPP formation ensures mineral solubilization and rapid clearance from circulation by macrophages of(More)
The serum protein fetuin-A is essential for mineral homeostasis and shows immunomodulatory functions, for example by binding to TGF superfamily proteins. It proved neuroprotective in a rat stroke model and reduced lethality after systemic lipopolysaccharide challenge in mice. Serum fetuin-A concentrations are highest during intrauterine life. Different(More)
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