Marielle Portier

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Peripherin is a type III intermediate filament which, in contrast to the neurofilaments, is strongly up-regulated after nerve injury. Although peripherin expression is stimulated in vitro by neurotrophins and cytokines, little is known about its in vivo regulation. In this report, we show that the in vivo down-regulation of peripherin expression to normal(More)
In multiple myeloma, malignant plasma cellsfrom most patients with active disease proliferate spontaneously when cultured for 5 days in vitro. This spontaneous proliferation is related to the endogenous production of interleukin-6 (IL6), the major myeloma-cell growth factor. A 50% inhibitory dose ( I 0 0 U/mL) of human recombinant 7-interferon (hry IFN)(More)
Alpha particles are one of the main sources of soft errors at ground level due to radioactive impurities found in electronic materials. In this paper, based on the radioactive decay laws, we identify radioactive nuclides that may enhance the alpha disintegration rate when secular equilibrium is not reached.
We have analyzed the base composition of two heavy messenger RNAs synthesized by bacteriophage lambda early after induction:l 3 and r 2. The GC content of these two RNAs is very similar to the GC content of corresponding parts of λ DNA. This result confirms the approximate genetic location of l 3 and r 2 as determined by DNA-RNA hybridization experiments.
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