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Association between a genetic variant related to glutamic acid metabolism and coronary heart disease in individuals with type 2 diabetes.
IMPORTANCE Diabetes is associated with an elevated risk of coronary heart disease (CHD). Previous studies have suggested that the genetic factors predisposing to excess cardiovascular risk may beExpand
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Positive energy balance is associated with accelerated muscle atrophy and increased erythrocyte glutathione turnover during 5 wk of bed rest.
BACKGROUND Physical inactivity is often associated with positive energy balance and fat gain. OBJECTIVE We aimed to assess whether energy intake in excess of requirement activates systemicExpand
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Association Between a Genetic Variant Related to Glutamic AcidMetabolism and Coronary Heart Disease in IndividualsWith Type 2 Diabetes
Lu Qi, MD, PhD; Qibin Qi, PhD; Sabrina Prudente, PhD; Christine Mendonca, BA; Francesco Andreozzi, MD, PhD; Natalia di Pietro, PhD; Mariella Sturma, MS; Valeria Novelli, PhD; Gaia Chiara Mannino, MS;Expand
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Alkalinization with potassium bicarbonate improves glutathione status and protein kinetics in young volunteers during 21-day bed rest.
BACKGROUND & AIMS Physical inactivity is associated with lean body mass wasting, oxidative stress and pro-inflammatory changes of cell membrane lipids. Alkalinization may potentially counteract theseExpand