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Making ERP research more transparent: Guidelines for preregistration.
An overview of the problems associated with undisclosed analytic flexibility is presented, why and how EEG researchers would benefit from adopting preregistration are discussed, and guidelines and examples on how to preregister data preprocessing and analysis steps in typical ERP studies are provided.
Reproducibility for everyone: a community-led initiative with global reach in reproducible research training
Reproducibility is a cornerstone of the scientific method and sets apart science from pseudoscience. Unfortunately, a majority of scientists have experienced difficulties in reproducing their own or
Title: A Community-Sourced Glossary of Open Scholarship Terms Authors:
Sam Parsons‡1, Flávio Azevedo‡2, Mahmoud M. Elsherif‡3,4, Samuel Guay5, Owen N. Shahim6, Gisela H. Govaart7,8, Emma Norris9, Aoife O’Mahony10, Adam J. Parker1,11, Ana Todorovic1, Charlotte R.
Making ERP Research More Transparent: Guidelines for Preregistration
A combination of confirmation bias, hindsight bias, and pressure to publish may prompt the (unconscious) exploration of various methodological options and reporting only the ones that lead to a