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We investigated the pharmacodynamic effects of rocuronium on morbidly obese patients. Twelve morbidly obese female patients (body mass index >40 kg/m(2)) admitted for laparoscopic gastric banding were randomized into two groups. Group 1 (n = 6) received 0.6 mg/kg of rocuronium based on real body weight, whereas Group 2 (n = 6) received 0.6 mg/kg of(More)
Pericardial mesothelioma is a highly lethal and fortunately rare cardiac neoplasm. We present the clinical and pathologic features of a primary sarcomatoid mesothelioma. To better understand the clinical, radiographic, and pathologic features of this entity, we reviewed 27 cases described in the English literature from 1972 through 1992, which, together(More)
There is conflicting evidence on the duration of action of atracurium in obese patients. Cisatracurium is one of the stereoisomers of atracurium. We investigated the neuromuscular effects of cisatracurium in morbidly obese patients. Twenty obese female patients (body mass index >40) were randomized in two groups. Group I (n = 10) received 0.2 mg/kg of(More)
The use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the care of the diabetic patient with nonhealing ulcers, refractory osteomyelitis, or both of the lower extremity can be a valuable adjunct in their overall treatment. Adequate tissue oxygenation to promote wound healing and stimulate cellular defenses can be achieved in a hyperbaric environment. Several clinical(More)
A small priming dose of rocuronium can shorten the onset time of neuromuscular blockade. Induction agents with less cardiovascular depression also reduce the onset time. We hypothesized that ketamine, compared to thiopentone, would reduce onset time and improve intubating conditions following priming. Sixty patients ASA I to II, randomized by(More)
BACKGROUND Onset of action of muscle relaxants is influenced by cardiac output and muscle blood flow. Ephedrine reduces the onset time of rocuronium. Onset is also shortened by priming. Accordingly, we hypothesized that priming combined with ephedrine is superior to either technique used separately. METHODS Four groups of randomly allocated patients (n =(More)
A review of complications related to epidural catheters in caesarean delivery is presented. Catheters for prolongation of nerve blocks were first used in 1940s. Thereafter, there has been steady development in the design and plastic material technology of the different catheters. In the last decade the regional anaesthesia for caesarean section became very(More)
A large number of methods are available for intraoperative neurologic monitoring during endarterectomy, although no single method is infallible. Debate over choice of regional or general anesthesia for this surgery persists because of differing conclusions of various studies of risks and benefits. The case of patient undergoing left carotid endarterectomy(More)
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