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GSTM1 (glutathione S-transferase mu 1) and GSTT1 (glutathione S-transferase theta 1) are critical enzymes for detoxification of endogenous and environmental carcinogens. Constitutive GST gene polymorphisms may be associated with increased risk for cancer development. We made an explorative study of a Brazilian population with malignant glioma to determine(More)
Silicon (Si) plays important roles in alleviating various abiotic stresses. In rice (Oryza sativa), arsenic (As) is believed to share the Si transport pathway for entry into roots, and Si has been demonstrated to decrease As concentrations. However, the physiological mechanisms through which Si might alleviate As toxicity in plants remain poorly elucidated.(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the phenolic and flavonoids contents and the antioxidant and antitumoral activity of leaf and calyx methanolic extracts from Hibiscus sabdariffa (roselle) cultivated with poultry litter and organosuper® under three modes of application. The total phenolic content in the each extract was determined using the(More)
A study of blood parasites in small wild non-flying mammals was undertaken in three areas of the Atlantic Forest in Southeastern Brazil: Serra de Itatiaia, RJ, Serra da Bocaina, SP and Serra da Fartura, SP, from June 1999 to May 2001. A total of 450 animals (15 species) were captured in traps and it was observed in 15.5% of the blood smears the presence of(More)
A new device to sample freshwater benthic macroinvertebrates was used in a low and sandy stretch of a Brazilian sub-tropical river (the River Cai, Triunfo, RS) and in one of its small tributaries, Bom Jardim brook (Arroio Bom Jardim). In this study, the effectiveness of this device, a PET sampler, was tested at different sites in the river and the brook(More)
The Saanen is a highly productive breed, and for this reason, it has been raised in Brazil, but mostly under climate conditions completely different from where the breed originated. The objective of this study was to investigate variations in semen parameters and sperm membrane proteins from Saanen bucks (n = 7) raised in Northeastern Brazil, during dry(More)
The authors review Lumbar Spinal Stenosis discussing the diagnostic criteria, the etiopathogenesis, and clinical manifestations. Imaging and neurophysiological investigations are also discussed. EMG, Sensory Evoked Potencials and Motor Stimulation are described stressing their role in differential diagnosis. The therapeutic approach is briefly commented.
Sol-gel derived poly(oxyethylene)/siloxane hybrids doped with lithium hexafluoroantimonate, LiSbF6, have been prepared. Compositions of these novel xerogel electrolytes were identified using the conventional d-U(2000)nLiSbF6 notation, (where n is the molar ratio of oxyethylene moieties per Li + ion) and samples with n between ∞ and 2.5 were characterized by(More)
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