Mariela Fuentes

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Daily data for fine (< 2.5 microns) and coarse (2.5-10 microns) particles are available for 1995-1997 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) research monitor in Phoenix, AZ. Mortality effects on the 65 and over population were studied for both the city of Phoenix and for a region of about 50 mi around Phoenix. Coarse particles in Phoenix are(More)
In the present study the natural abundance of (13)C is quantified in agricultural soils in Mexico which have been submitted to different agronomic practices, zero and conventional tillage, retention of crop residues (with and without) and rotation of crops (wheat and maize) for 17 years, which have influenced the physical, chemical and biological(More)
We have studied the dependence of the electro-optical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals ~PDLC! on the ultraviolet ~UV! cure of the solution of monomer and liquid crystal. The kinetics of UV polymerization and its effect on the morphology of the phase separated droplets of liquid crystal determine the switching voltage, response time, and(More)
Conservation agriculture, the combination of minimal soil movement (zero or reduced tillage), crop residue retention and crop rotation, might have the potential to increase soil organic C content and reduce emissions of CO2. Three management factors were analyzed: (1) tillage (zero tillage (ZT) or conventional tillage (CT)), (2) crop rotation (wheat(More)
Agricultural management affects the movement of atrazine in soil and leaching to groundwater. The objective of this study was to determine atrazine adsorption in a soil after 20 years of atrazine application under agronomic management practices differing in tillage practice (conventional and zero tillage), residue management (with and without residue(More)
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