Marieke Wagner

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Background: In February 1993 a prospective randomized multicenter trial was initiated to compare laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal hernioplasty to Shouldice herniorrhaphy as performed by surgeons of nonspecialized clinics. Methods: Until January 1994, 87 patients with 108 hernias took part in the trial (43 Shouldice and 44 laparoscopic repairs).(More)
Background: There is a scarcity of data on long-term results after laparoscopic hernia repair. Herein we report on the outcome of a group of patients who were followed up for 5 years in a multicenter study on hernia repair. Methods: A total of 100 patients with 127 hernias were randomized to undergo either transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP) or Shouldice(More)
PURPOSE The split function (SF) of hydronephrotic kidneys may dramatically decrease in the presence of severe and persistent obstruction, necessitating surgical correction. The indication for pyeloplasty versus nephrectomy is mainly based on the results of repeated renal ultrasonography (US) and MAG3-diuretic nephrography (DNG) with SF. Nephrectomy is(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic sclerosis (SSc)-overlap syndromes are a very heterogeneous and remarkable subgroup of SSc-patients, who present at least two connective tissue diseases (CTD) at the same time, usually with a specific autoantibody status. OBJECTIVES To determine whether patients, classified as overlap syndromes, show a disease course different from(More)
Background: The value of laparoscopic appendectomy remains controversial. Therefore, we investigated the accuracy of diagnostic laparoscopy in detecting acute appendicitis and tested the applicability and safety of stapling appendectomy as a routine procedure. Methods: Data from 267 consecutive patients with suspicion of acute appendicitis were recorded(More)