Marieke Hager

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Article history: Received 31 January 2011 Received in revised form 6 May 2011 Accepted 3 June 2011 Available online 7 July 2011 The present study investigated cognitive performance measures beyond IQ. In particular, we investigated the psychometric properties of dynamic decision making variables and implicit learning variables and their relationwith general(More)
The Tailorshop simulation is a computer-based dynamic decision-making task in which participants lead a fictional company for 12 simulated months. The present study investigated whether the performance measure in the Tailorshop simulation is reliable and valid. The participants were 158 employees from different companies. Structural equation models were(More)
When participants are asked to learn letter strings, which were constructed on the basis of a complex rule system (an artificial grammar), they are able to classify novel letter strings as being grammatical or nongrammatical better than chance without explicit knowledge about the rules. We tested whether violations of such complex regularities can be(More)
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