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• Determining the relationships between resilience, spirituality, life events, disruptions, demographic characteristics, personal history, and mental health symptoms in active duty soldiers with a recent deployment history. • Baseline and acute changes in the HPA system in patients with anxiety disorders: the current state of research. • The impact of prior(More)
Introduction Impairments in verbal short-term memory (VSTM) are common in aphasic individuals. Studies with aphasic participants have provided evidence for the involvement of VSTM in language comprehension (Van der Linden & Poncelet, 1998). Although very rare, rehabilitation studies of phonological short-term memory deficits have yielded encouraging results(More)
Global climate change is experienced very differently across race, gender, class and nationality. Wealthy people in the Global North who generate the most carbon emissions have been apathetic regarding climate change, considering it a low priority in relation to other social problems. Meanwhile climate impacts are felt most acutely by women of color in the(More)
Colors are all around and yet most people take the impact of their significance for granted. Color can alert people to danger, express emotion and is a way of identifying and organizing the environment. Therefore, people attach particular meanings to colors (Holtzchue 11). People respond to color not only as a visual event but also on interpreted(More)
Isotopic ratios of Sr/Sr were measured in 57 ground and surface water samples taken from in and around Cedar Bog in an effort to determine the provenance of the bog waters. Cedar bog lies in Champaign County, southwest Ohio, and it and its surrounding area are underlain by a variety of glacial deposits. The aim of this study is to delineate which of these(More)
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