Marie Z. Bao

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In S. cerevisiae, histone variant H2A.Z is deposited in euchromatin at the flanks of silent heterochromatin to prevent its ectopic spread. We show that H2A.Z nucleosomes are found at promoter regions of nearly all genes in euchromatin. They generally occur as two positioned nucleosomes that flank a nucleosome-free region (NFR) that contains the(More)
The yeast MAPK pathways required for mating versus filamentous growth share multiple components yet specify distinct programs. The mating-specific MAPK, Fus3, prevents crosstalk between the two pathways by unknown mechanisms. Here we show that pheromone signaling induces Fus3-dependent degradation of Tec1, the transcription factor specific to the(More)
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the pheromone-induced ubiquitylation and degradation of the filamentation pathway-specific activator, Tec1, suppresses cross talk between the mating and filamentous growth mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathways. The mating pathway MAPK, Fus3, phosphorylates Tec1, resulting in its recognition by the SCF (for Skp1,(More)
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