Marie Viktorinová

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Mycobacterium (M.) marinum is a human opportunistic pathogen, capable of causing skin infections and possibly also affecting deeper tissues. The authors describe a case of skin infection caused by M. marinum in a female patient with an appropriate case history. They emphasize the need of close cooperation of the clinician with a microbiologist when(More)
The authors present the results of the URVAKOL vaccine use in clinical practice. The vaccine was administered in the treatment of recurrent cystitis, persistent lower urinary tract infection, chronic pyelonephritis and prostatovesiculitis. The clinical efficacy of the vaccine was assessed by detection of bacteria and leukocytes in the urine, subjective(More)
In a group of 691 patients with different dermatoses the therapeutic effect of two forms of lyophilized vaccines administered orally according to a desensitization (drops) and immunization (tablets) plan. Their effect was as a rule marked already during the third week of treatment. During the final evaluation no signs of the disease were present or great(More)