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The research was designed to evaluate interpersonal coordination during conversation with a new measurement tool. The experiment uses an analysis based on recurrence strategies, known as cross recurrence quantification, to evaluate the shared activity between 2 postural time series in reconstructed phase space. Pairs of participants were found to share more(More)
Perceiving the length of a rod by dynamic touch is tied to the inertia tensor Iij, a quantification of its resistance to rotational acceleration. Perception of the portion extending in front of the grasp has previously been ascribed to decomposing one component of Iij by attention. The tensorial nature of dynamic touch suggests that this ability must be(More)
We examined the effects of crossing different degrees of cooperation and competition on inphase and antiphase 1:1 frequency locked coordination of left- and right-hand-oscillated pendulums. Degree of cooperation was manipulated through the joint frequency of oscillation specified by a metronome (the higher the frequency, the weaker the cooperation), and(More)
Various object properties are perceptible by wielding. We asked whether the dynamics of wielding differed as a function of the to-be-perceived property. Wielding motions were analyzed to determine if they differed under the intention to perceive or not perceive rod length (experiment 1), to perceive object height versus object width (experiment 2), and to(More)
This review details the invention and clinical testing of a new power toothbrush designed to provide a low cost, effective toothbrush, which has a combination of a round oscillating head in conjunction with fixed bristles. The data demonstrate this power toothbrush (Crest SpinBrush) is an effective cleaning toothbrush with respect to plaque removal. Four(More)
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