Marie Vancova

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BACKGROUND Fibrinogen-related proteins with lectin activity are believed to be part of the tick innate immune system. Several fibrinogen-related proteins have been described and characterised mainly on the basis of their cDNA sequences while direct biochemical evidence is missing. One of them, the haemolymph lectin Dorin M from the tick Ornithodoros moubata(More)
BACKGROUND Tick carrier proteins are able to bind, transport, and store host-blood heme, and thus they function also as antioxidants. Nevertheless, the role of carrier proteins in ticks is not fully understood. Some of them are found also in tick males which do not feed on hosts to such an extent such as females (there are differences in male feeding in(More)
Ultrastructure of sterlet Acipenser ruthenus L. 1758 sperm was examined by scanning and transmission electron microscopy, which allowed us to use various methods for visualizations of different parts of sterlet spermatozoa. Sperm cells possess a head with a distinct acrosome, a midpiece and a single flagellum surrounded by the flagellar plasma membrane. The(More)
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