Marie-Thérèse Maunoury

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Injection of DBA/2, C57Bl/6, or BALB/c mice with antibody to mouse interferon alpha/beta enhanced the i.p. transplantability of six different murine tumors, as manifested by an increase in the percentage of tumor-bearing mice and a decrease in survival time. The effect was observed in mice injected with antibody to interferon raised in three sheep, a goat,(More)
We developed a syngeneic mouse IgG2a monoclonal antibody (MAb) A9D41 directed against the Friend leukemia virus envelope gp70 antigen present on the cell surface membranes of virus producer 3C18 Friend leukemia cells (FLC). A9D41 showed a marked antitumor activity in DBA/2 mice given injections of gp70 positive 3C18 FLC, but it was ineffective in mice given(More)
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