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Climate therapy is often proposed for children with severe allergic asthma which remains uncontrolled in spite of adapted treatment. The beneficial effects of climate therapy are related to the reduced allergenic load and to the fact that mites do not survive at high altitudes. Less exposure to allergens leads to improved respiratory function, decreased(More)
To the Editor: We read with great interest the case reported by Pirson et al, and published in November 2010. The authors reported a case of unusual parathyroid adenoma avid for both Tc-99m sestamibi and I-123 iodine. The left lower parathyroid adenoma presented an intense Tc-99m sestamibi uptake and a lower iodine uptake. A planar dual isotope acquisition(More)
The French regulations concerning the involvement of medical physicists in medical imaging procedures are relatively vague. In May 2013, the ASN and the SFPM issued recommendations regarding Medical Physics Personnel for Medical Imaging: Requirements, Conditions of Involvement and Staffing Levels. In these recommendations, the various areas of activity of(More)
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