Marie T. Williams

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This paper describes adolescent low back pain and tests its associations with environmental features of backpack load, time spent carrying loads, time sitting, and time playing sport, using data from 1269 adolescents in twelve volunteer high schools in Adelaide, South Australia. Backpacks were the preferred method of load carrying, two-thirds of wearers(More)
Repeatable measures are essential for clinicians and researchers alike. Both need baseline measures that are reliable, as intervention effects cannot be accurately identified without consistent measures. The intrarater and interrater reliability of the new Foot Posture Index and current podiatric measures of foot position were assessed using a same-subject,(More)
The 6-min walk test (6MWT) is increasingly being used as a measure of 'functional ability' in young people with cerebral palsy, despite a lack of published evidence that it is reliable for this population. This study aimed to determine the test-retest reliability of the 6MWT for ambulant 11-17-year-old adolescents with cerebral palsy. Adolescents with(More)
Participation in regular physical activity (PA) provides health, psychological, and physiological benefits for people with and without a physical disability. This study investigated the physical and sedentary activity patterns of adolescents with cerebral palsy (CP). A cross-sectional, descriptive, postal survey was used, consisting of the Physical Activity(More)
BACKGROUND Previous survey tools operationalising knowledge, attitudes or beliefs about evidence-based practice (EBP) have shortcomings in content, psychometric properties and target audience. AIMS This study developed and psychometrically assessed a self-report trans-professional questionnaire to describe an EBP profile. METHODS Sixty-six items were(More)
BACKGROUND There are an increasing number of studies reporting the efficacy of educational strategies to facilitate the development of knowledge and skills underpinning evidence based practice (EBP). To date there is no standardised guideline for describing the teaching, evaluation, context or content of EBP educational strategies. The heterogeneity in the(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE There is a common belief that children are not getting enough sleep and that children's total sleep time has been declining. Over the century, many authors have proposed sleep recommendations. The aim of this study was to describe historical trends in recommended and actual sleep durations for children and adolescents, and to(More)
BACKGROUND In New York City, the incidence of tuberculosis has more than doubled during the past decade. We examined the incidence of tuberculosis and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and the rate of death from all causes in a very-high-risk group--indigent subjects who abuse drugs, alcohol, or both. METHODS In 1984 we began to study(More)
STUDY DESIGN A Cross-sectional, observational study, examining the effects of backpack weight on adolescent posture. OBJECTIVES To investigate the response of the craniovertebral angle to backpack load. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA There is a widely held belief that repeated carrying of heavy loads, such as school backpacks, places additional stress on(More)
A prospective, blinded, randomised controlled trial investigated the effectiveness of quadriceps exercises following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. A treatment group (Quadriceps exercise group) performed straight leg raises and isometric quadriceps contractions throughout the first two postoperative weeks, and a second group (No quadriceps(More)