Marie Sullivan

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This paper presents the DFT techniques used in Frees-cale's high performance e600 core. Highlights of the DFT features are at-speed logic built-in self-test (LBIST) for delay fault detection, very high test coverage for scan based at-speed deterministic delay-fault test patterns, 100% BIST for embedded memory arrays and 98% stuck-at fault test coverage for(More)
Perhaps the most widely studied effect to emerge from the combination of neuroimaging and human genetics is the association of the COMT-Val(108/158)Met polymorphism with prefrontal activity during working memory. COMT-Val is a putative risk factor in schizophrenia, which is characterized by disordered prefrontal function. Work in healthy populations has(More)
Working memory (WM) supports a broad range of intelligent cognition and has been the subject of rich cognitive and neural characterization. However, the highest ranges of WM have not been fully characterized, especially for verbal information. Tasks developed to test multiple levels of WM demand (load) currently predominate brain-based WM research. These(More)
This paper provides an overview of CATI, a platform dedicated to multicenter neuroimaging. Initiated by the French Alzheimer’s plan (2008–2012), CATI is a research project called on to provide service to other projects like an industrial partner. Its core mission is to support the neuroimaging of large populations, providing concrete solutions to the(More)
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