Marie St-Vincent

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Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) affect much of the workforce and remain a major form of occupational ill health. With a view to improving the efficacy of interventions, this review examined preventative actions relating to these disorders. A detailed analysis grid was used to classify the information contained in the 47 reviewed articles whose common(More)
This article critically reviews 11 participatory ergonomic interventions carried out in Québec by the Occupational Health and Safety Research Institute (IRSST). In the introduction, the characteristics of the approach used are situated in relation to the literature on this subject. Based on the "Ergo team" formula, the approach aims to provide company(More)
The characteristics and origin of the rate-induced changes in atrioventricular nodal conduction time of premature beats (A2H2 intervals) were studied in isolated rabbit heart preparations. Increasing the basic driving rate during a periodic premature stimulation prolonged (a net inhibitory effect) and shortened (a net facilitatory effect) significantly (p(More)
Training programmes in handling have been one of the most used means of preventing work-related backache. The effectiveness of these programmes has not yet been demonstrated however, since they have rarely been evaluated. The purpose of this study was precisely to assess one of these programmes in the hospital sector which specifically dealt with the(More)
Spontaneously active explanted rat ventricle cells show 4 to 7 h after explantation fast rising TTX sensitive action potentials but 24 h after explantation, electrogenesis is determined by slow rising. Mn sensitive action potentials. Because 4 to 7 h after explantation the electrical properties of the cells resemble more those of the tissue they were(More)
The study consisted of describing, using a questionnaire, the musculoskeletal symptoms in two industries in the electrical sector. The questionnaire was distributed to more than 600 workers in the two industries. The questionnaire described four types of variables: usual population data (age, gender, experience, etc.), certain work variables, the regions of(More)
Montréal. Il a pour mission la promotion et la valorisation de la recherche. Érudit offre des services d'édition numérique de documents scientifiques depuis 1998. Note : les règles d'écriture des références bibliographiques peuvent varier selon les différents domaines du savoir. Ce document est protégé par la loi sur le droit d'auteur. L'utilisation des(More)
A study was carried out in a large chain of warehouse superstores specialized in office supplies. The stress symptoms of 91 sales clerks and 28 managers in six warehouse superstores were documented with the Karasek and Maslach questionnaires. The results show different stress symptoms in the two populations. In managers, stress could result from an(More)
Forty-five manual material handlers (15 females, 15 expert males and 15 novice males) performed series of box transfers under conditions similar to those of large distribution centers. The objective of the study was to verify whether sex differences in joint motions and in back loading variables (L5/S1 moments) exist during multiple box transfers. The task(More)
The slowly developing rate-induced prolongation in atrioventricular nodal conduction time, termed "fatigue," was selectively studied using specifically designed stimulation protocols in isolated rabbit heart preparations. A nodal recovery curve (A2H2 versus H1A2 intervals; nodal conduction time of each premature beat plotted against corresponding recovery(More)
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