Marie-Sophie Telliez

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The calcium-permeable cation channel TRPM8 (melastatin-related transient receptor potential member 8) is over-expressed in several cancers. The present study aimed at investigating the expression, function and potential regulation of TRPM8 channels by ER alpha (estrogen receptor alpha) in breast cancer. RT-PCR, Western blot, immuno-histochemical, and siRNA(More)
Fumaria agraria (Fumariaceae) is an annual plant used traditionally in Algeria for various medicinal purposes. Alkaloids extracts from areal parts were subjected to solvent fractionation and GCMS analysis. Rates of alkaloids recorded were respectively of 700 mg/100 g of Dry Weight of total alkaloids “TA”, 400 mg/100 g DWof neutral fraction “NF”, 40 mg/100 g(More)
Aberrant glycosylation changes on many glycoproteins are often related to cancer progression and metastasis. sp2 -Iminosugar-type castanospermine analogues, inhibitors of α-glucosidases, have been reported to exhibit antitumor activity. However, their effects on cell migration and the underlying molecular mechanism are not fully understood. Here, we(More)
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