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We have used an end-to-end ecosystem model to explore responses over 30 years to coastal no-take reserves covering up to 6% of the fifty thousand square kilometres of continental shelf and slope off the coast of New South Wales (Australia). The model is based on the Atlantis framework, which includes a deterministic, spatially resolved three-dimensional(More)
  • Yada T. Stadermann, F. J. Floss, +14 authors M. J. Savina
  • 2006
The abundance of presolar silicates in Antarctic micrometeorites (AMMs) has been revised to be 50 ppm. That in one of the AMMs is 900 ppm, comparable to that in primitive interplanetary dust particles, indicating that it might be of cometary origin. Mid-infrared absorption spectra of powdered achondrites are compared with the astronomical spectra of dust(More)
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