Marie Ruellan

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In this paper, the authors present the energy production potential of a mechanically-resonant electrical generator system, which makes use of natural human walking movements. The characteristics associated with the human walk is discussed first, followed by the electromechanical modeling approach employed. The choice of electromechanical architecture is(More)
We usually find applications of rotary induction generator, direct-drive tubular linear permanent-magnet generator, etc. for the mechanoelectrical conversion process within Stirling microcogenerator systems. This paper presents the design optimization investigation for a direct-drive tubular linear induction generator for a dual free-piston Stirling(More)
This article will begin by presenting two power take-off (PTO) technologies for the SEAREV wave energy converter (WEC) followed by the design methodology applied to electromagnetic generator cycles for the all-electric solution. The operating principle associated with the SEAREV WEC will be described before discussing the two conversion technologies(More)
This article presents the design optimization of tubular linear induction generator for a new micro-CHP system powered by a free piston Stirling engine. The aim is naturally to maximize the useful electric power. First, an electromagnetic model considering a multi-layer cross section of the tubular structure is developed. Poynting vectors are calculated in(More)
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