Marie Rose Spirlet

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Field monitoring and scenario-based modelling were used to assess exposure of small ditches in the UK to the herbicide sulfosulfuron following transport via field drains. A site in central England on a high pH, clay soil was treated with sulfosulfuron, and concentrations were monitored in the single drain outfall and in the receiving ditch 1 km downstream.(More)
A new mixed barium zirconium oxalate, triaquatetra-mu-oxalato-dibarium(II)zirconium(IV), Ba(2)Zr(C(2)O(4))(4).3H(2)O or [Ba(2)Zr(C(2)O(4))(4)(H(2)O)(3)](n), has been synthesized. The complex is built from eightfold-coordinated Zr atoms and eleven- and sixfold-coordinated Ba atoms, linked by oxalate groups. The Zr atom, the two Ba atoms and one water O atom(More)
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