Marie Roche

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Classical biological control can be considered as a particular type of biological invasion in which experimental approaches are possible. The scientific objective of our research programme is to test in natura the influence of intra-specific hybridization on the success of biological invasions in general, and of biological control introductions in(More)
  • Hughes-Jones, Hubbert Me, Hagstad Hv Wt, Zoo, Lester, R Beaton +16 others
  • 2005
Sequence analysis of an isolate from a fatal human infection of Australian bat lyssavirus. The Australian Infl uenza Vaccine Committee on Infl uenza Vaccines met on 5 October 2004 and agreed to adopt the September World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations. The Committee decided that the infl uenza vaccine components for the 2005 Southern Hemisphere(More)
1. Inotropic effects of potassium rich solutions on frog cardiac muscle have been studied bith in current clamp and voltage clamp conditions, using a double sucrose gap apparatus. 2. Potassium rich solutions cause either a positive or a negative inotropic effect, together with an increase or a decrease in the duration of the action potential, according to(More)
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