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The relationship between psychiatric disorder (as measured by severity of psychoneurotic status and depression) and decision-making behaviour was examined in a sample of 39 hospitalised patients. Measures based on the conflict theory of decision-making of Janis and Mann (1977) and the expectancy-value theory of decision-making of Edwards (1961) were(More)
This study used standardized diagnostic criteria and method to investigate both prevalence rates and nature of symptoms of depressive disorders in three Asian centres--Nagasaki, Shanghai and Seoul. Of the patients who visited a psychiatric clinic in each of the 3 centres for the first time, over 20% suffered from depression. Unlike previous reported(More)
  • M H Radford
  • 1991
Transcultural research into psychopathology has often failed to produce a systematic body of findings concerning the relationship between culture and psychopathology. In this paper an attempt is made to overcome this problem by examining the relationship between culture and depression in terms of a theoretical task. Japanese and Australian depressed(More)
2 Introduction Relevance is a foundational concept for the study of information retrieval (IR) systems. Early research in IR used a dichotomous concept of relevance (the document was relevant or not), assumed a static relevance judgment decision and greatly diminished or eliminated the role of the user. More recent research, however, has taken a cognitive,(More)
We conducted a comparative study of symptoms and social adjustment of schizophrenic patients on offshore islands and one urban region in Japan. In the evaluation of symptoms and social behavior by family members, no differences were observed between the two regions. Looking at social adjustment in the two regions, no differences were observed by family(More)
In a recent study of psychiatric disturbance and decision making behaviour, it was observed that a significant number of psychiatric inpatients experienced difficulties in addressing themselves to the experimental tasks at hand. Despite the large number of studies that have used psychiatric inpatients as subjects, little, if any mention has been made of(More)
Recently there has emerged a growing interest in transcultural aspects of depressive disorders. Unlike earlier studies, recent research has concentrated on using standardized assessment and evaluation procedures in an effort to reduce "differences" associated with research techniques. The following paper reports a study which, using the WHO developed(More)
  • M Radford
  • 1983
Popper's philosophy has been often misrepresented in the debate about the scientific status of psychoanalysis by pseudo-Popperians who use the idea of falsifiability without rejecting positivism and inductive logic. The debate itself is misconceived because it is based on the outdated positivist assumption that what is not science is not important.(More)
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